Where did those shoes go?

If you gave some shoes for our team to bring down to Haiti, you may wonder where your pair went.  Whose feet are they now on?  What is his or her  name?  What does their home look like?  Well, I can’t tell you where every pair went, but you may be able to spot yours in some of the photos taken by our photographer or in the videos shot by our videographer.  I hope you can and I want to tell you a story about another pair of shoes.

On Shoes for Hope Sunday, Pastor Bruce told us that he was donating his signature red Converse sneakers, the ones you and I see him wear every single week, day in and day out.  He told us of the tough decisions he’s had to make while wearing those sneakers and the many hours he’s spent in prayer, looking for direction from God while wearing them.

When he encouraged us to come to the altar and pray over the shoes being sent to Haiti, I made my way up to his pair of red Converse.  I prayed that those shoes would find their way to a great man of God.  I prayed that, just as our pastor has worn those shoes in the midst of difficult decisions, these shoes would be worn by a pastor or minister of some type that would face the same difficult decisions.  I prayed that as he sought God for direction he would be shod in these red Converse.  The imagery in my head is something of a “following in the footsteps” of a godly man who has worn them well up to now.  I never told Pastor Bruce I had prayed over his shoes.

When the time came in Haiti to open up the suitcases with your shoes and mine, I was the one who unzipped the bag with those recognizable red converse.  As I opened it, Pastor Bruce was standing right behind it and commented on seeing them.  I still didn’t tell him my prayer for those shoes.  While they easily could have been swept up in the slew of people who rushed forward to get their pair of shoes, Bruce just so happened to be standing behind the bag with his shoes in it.

We spent quite a long time ministering to the people of the tent city and I never did see those shoes again.  For all I knew, they could have been one of the first pairs to go.  After the dust had settled and our team was gathered back together, I asked someone where Pastor Bruce’s red shoes had gone.  Her answer:  They went to one of the pastors.  I can’t tell you how awesome that answer was.  It’s those little things from God that serve as reminders that He cares about the little details that touch hearts. That’s where those shoes went…just in case you were wondering.