Thankful Thursday

I’ve had this idea for quite some time but have never just gotten myself motivated to start doing it. I’m going to be posting on Thursdays about something or someone that I’m thankful for. It may even be a circumstance or event or something of that nature.

This week, I want to start out by saying how thankful I am for my friend Wyatt McIntyre, and for one reason in particular. Wyatt’s been there for me on a number of occasions over the years when I’ve needed him, but today I’ve just been thinking about the time he convinced me that it was a better idea to write under my real name rather than using the alias I was writing under.

There was a time when I was posting things online as “Matthew J.” or “JustMatthewJ” or sometimes even “Matthew Jay,” but Wyatt McIntyre always wrote and posted under his real, full name. He and I were talking one day and he just mentioned how it seemed to have more legitimacy to the audience if the author was up front about who he is. Though I didn’t immediately begin opening up my life to my online audience, I did over time and now here you are at, so you see that I’ve completely had a change of heart about the whole thing.

I’ve experienced a lot more success writing under my real name and letting people know who I am than I ever did hiding my real identity. It can be scary with all of the people just waiting to steal personal information and whatnot, but I think it’s worth it in the end.

So, in saying thank you to Wyatt for talking me into coming out from the shadows, I want to give him a plug. You can visit his fanpage on Facebook to get updates at