Starting back up

I’m back at it, my friends. I’ve just posted the first devotional message of 2016 on Devotions for Disciples. This past year has brought a lot of surprises my way, some good, some bad, but the smoke is clearing and it’s time for me to get back on mission. I’ve been given a calling to ministry, and that ministry very heavily involves writing.

You’ll notice a different direction with my devotions from now on. While I’ve always shied away from getting too personal in my writing (believing that it’s best to leave things open for you to read your own experiences into the content), I’ve seen how much of an impact I can have by being vulnerable. My story as of late is one to which many of you can relate, so why not use that as a bridge between us. The goal, as always, is to point you to Jesus through anything I’ve written. If I’m closer to Him through my experience, I’m going to share that with you in hopes that you will also become closer to Him.

You will also notice that I haven’t picked back up the task of writing devotions daily. Instead I’ve opted for the weekly posts that don’t take me away from my family quite so much. I hope you still find the weekly posts beneficial.

Lastly, I’m excited about an upcoming book project in which I’m collaborating with some good friends. Stay tuned for more information about that one.