Share what you have learned


2 Timothy 2:2  and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

Your life is a sermon.  Whether you want it to or not, the way you life exemplifies to others what God is all about based on how you seem to view Him.  But there also comes a time when we must use words to share our faith with others.  Our personal testimonies are a powerful witness to all God has done in our lives.  But there’s more.

Not only should we share what God has done in and through us, we can and should share with others all that we’ve learned about Him.  This might be through books or through the Bible itself, but it might also be what we’ve been taught through a mentor in the faith or a close friend who is a strong believer.  Taking what you’ve learned and applying it is a huge part of walking in fellowship with God, but sharing it with others is a step in the direction of good fellowship with people.

Fellowship with God and fellowship with people are both products of sharing our faith and knowledge of God with those around us.  We can be sure that God is all for us spreading the word about Him.  We’re commissioned to go and make disciples in all the nations.  Fulfilling this commission requires a great deal of witnessing, both through actions and through words.