Proper motivation

1 Timothy 1:5  The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.

In our lives as Christians, we can often get caught up in thinking that we’re just supposed to do certain things, obey the rules, and work for God.  The problem is that sometimes our motives are all wrong.  We do things because we’ll be noticed or we do them because we want God to think more highly of us.  The Lord, whether we realize it or not, cares very much about our motives.  He cares that we do things out of love, a pure heart, and sincere faith.

We shouldn’t do things just because we’re going through the motions of what we think we’re supposed to do and we should never do good things out of selfish motives.  A good deed done for personal gain is worth nothing.  God’s work in us, our sanctification, should lead to fruits that bear witness to Him.  Selfish good deeds do no such thing.

Follow the lead of Matthew 5:16 and let your light shine so that others will glorify God because of it.