Love is not easily angered

1 Corinithians 13:5  [Love] is not irritable.

Love is patient.  So why reiterate the same basic point by saying that love is not easily angered (or irritable)?  Quite simply, because it’s that much of an issue.  It’s that important because we have to really be conscious of this in order to be effective at loving other people.

With Jesus as our example, take a look at how He reacted to the sometimes whiny, often very hard-headed disciples with whom He spent a great deal of His time.  Be honest, most of us, were we in Jesus’ place, would have gotten angry very early on with some of the things He put up with.  But because He loved them, He showed them patience and kindness.  He answered their silly questions and taught them lessons to help them grow more mature.  He had compassion for them.

The only way to really have this kind of compassion for someone is to have some empathy – try to feel what they’re feeling.  Most of the time if you can empathize, anger is not going to flare up quite so easily.  It’s really not about controlling anger, it’s about considering others.