Love does not envy

1 Corinthians 13:4 Love…does not envy

Are you happy when your loved ones succeed?  It seems like a silly question, but the reality is that there can be times when we’re not happy for them when they have done something that makes them happy.  The root of this can be two things; either one equates to envy.

We may feel inadequate that something other than ourselves can have this effect on those around us.  Maybe we want to be the only one capable of bringing them happiness.  “Could I put as much of a smile on her face as this has?”  “Am I even good enough?”  This is envy in one regard.

Another common scenario is just being jealous that someone else has something that you don’t.  You want what they have so you can’t just be happy for them.  Again, it’s envy, and it’s not loving.

True love wants what’s best for others.  You don’t want something at the expense of your spouse, your friends, your family. You’re willing to give up your own desires to see them live a fulfilling life.  You put them first, never trying to step on them to get what you want.

True love rejoices in triumphs and grieves alongside the hurting.  True love will even help achieve those triumphs.  We’ve got to hold others in that high a regard.  When God chooses to bless, that’s a time to give thanks, not pout in envy.