Love always protects

1 Corinthians 13:7  Love bears all things

Different translations of this same verse often bring up images that aren’t necessarily related.  The NIV, for instance, says that love always protects. The ESV and many other translations, however, say that love bears all things.  While these may seem like different statements, they really can mean something similar. The gist of it is that people in loving relationships sometimes have to undergo wounds for the sake of each other.

If my sons or my wife were threatened in any way, you’d better believe that I would jump into whatever lions den I had to in order to protect them.  I wouldn’t do so foolishly, though.  Sacrificing my life for theirs might keep them alive, but what about the rest of their lives? It would make more sense to act in a calculated way that not only protects them, but also does them good in the long run.  This is where enduring things for their sake, bearing all things, is relevant.

Moving away from the analogy, the point is that loving relationships aren’t easy.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice for those you love.  Sometimes you have to endure hardship for them when the easier thing to do would be to run off on your own and not face the trials.  When we love someone, we don’t take that easy way out.  We stand by them and endure whatever we have to for their sake.  Jesus, the ultimate example of love, cared so much for us that He endured the torture of the cross, when His right as God was to walk away and face none of it.  Can we love, even one fraction of that much?