Hope for Haiti

The team from Christ Fellowship has returned from our mission trip to Haiti.  I must say, it seemed like it was much too short a trip, but we did what we set out to do.  I’d like to see another team (preferably with some more newbies) go do some more ministry in the near future.  I’m going to share a few photos here, but since we had a photographer and a videographer on the team, the really good footage and photos will be showing up on the Christ Fellowship Facebook page in the next few days.

Upon our arrival, we met several other groups of people at the guest house that we made a connection with.  One was a church from Lake City, one a group of college students from Virginia, and the other was a group of teachers who came to Haiti on an informational trip so they could teach their students from experience.  It was great to share our experiences with these new friends and I hope we stay in contact with them.  They’re all doing important work in Haiti.

Our translators were all great guys and we’ve connected with some of them on Facebook.  I look forward to many interaction with these new friends.  They made the work we did possible and they were pleasant to work with.

The ministry we did in Canaan (a tent city where many Haitians moved after the earthquake) was to preach the gospel, share testimonies, hand out shoes, and then feed the people peanut butter sandwiches (Did I mention we made 600 peanut butter sandwiches on Monday night?).

We had a few people respond to the gospel and a whole lot of people come to get a pair of shoes.  It took quite a while to see each person and help them choose a pair of shoes, but it was worth it to see the joy of those people.  When we first arrived at the service being held in Canaan, the people sang songs of worship in their language and it was beautiful.  I didn’t need to understand what they were saying to be touched by the experience.  Some of our team members shed a tear at this emotional moment.

When we went to the building where the children were it was a highlight of the whole trip.  Their sweet faces were a bright spot in dark circumstances.  Darin, our photographer, took a few pictures of the kids with his camera that printed out the photos (Yes, they still make cameras that do that).  The kids loved it and kept asking to have their pictures taken after he ran out of film.  I even got to take a few photos with his expensive camera while he did that.

On the way back to the guesthouse, we were dropped off on a busy street in Port Au Prince to talk to people and share the gospel.  We split up into three groups because we had three translators.  At the first stop my group made, we visited a family who was running a business on the street.  They were very receptive to listening to us.  I first shared with them that we were visiting Haiti for the first time and we were enjoying the people and wanted to speak with them about what God was doing in our lives.  Beth, who got injured before the trip and came anyway, shared her personal testimony with this family and then I shared with them what Jesus did by dying on the cross for our sins.  I led them in a prayer and they were all very open to us praying with them.  At our second stop, just like at the first, we had people come to hear us after we began speaking.  At this location, I let the people know that we love Haiti and God loves Haiti.  I told them that God had a plan for each of their lives and then Brian shared his personal testimony.  I followed up by presenting the gospel and then leading the people in prayer.  This was a great part of our trip, even though we were all very tired by this point from the service in the tent city.

I really enjoyed how tight-knit our team was.  Whenever we had downtime we were all gathered together, sharing stories and laughing.  We all worked so well together and I’m proud of the role everyone filled while on this mission.  I’d be honored to work with this team again in the future, in Haiti or in our own back yard.  You’ll be able to see our team cohesiveness in some of the pictures, which I’m now going to get to.

Update:  Here are some great photos taken by Darin Crofton: http://shoesforhopehaiti.darincroftonphotography.com/#/homeplus/

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