Everything is Nothing

Ecclesiastes 2:1-11

No time in history has ever afforded so much access to pleasurable pursuits as this time we live in. Anything we want, we can get. In some cases, pleasure is just a click away. But no matter how much of the world’s stuff we get, we don’t find the satisfaction we’re after.

No matter how rich you are, you aren’t as well-off as King Solomon. He could literally afford to get anything his heart desired. If he says that filling our lives with pleasure doesn’t satisfy, we should believe him. He knows. It’s common to ignore wise advice and learn the heard way by making our own mistakes, but why don’t we just take his word on this one?

If Solomon’s word isn’t enough, how about all of the famous people who have reached the top, gotten everything they ever wanted, and still remained empty? Without God, that’ll leave you hopeless and depressed, unwilling to live another day. But with the hope we have in Jesus Christ, we can have all that God has to offer. His best is better than anything else we’re looking for.