Do I even write?

Am I a writer?

I’ve heard it said that “writer’s write.” The point of that is to inspire those who say they’re “aspiring writers” to change their view towards themselves, to take themselves more seriously. If you write, then you’re a writer. Stop saying you’re aspiring to be what you already are and accept that you are a writer because you write. There’s no further requirement, no milestone you have to achieve, no minimum number of words you have to have written. You’re a writer because you write.

But what about me? I do call myself a writer, but for many reasons, the thing I identify myself with is something that I rarely get around to doing.I say I’m a writer but I don’t write. What does that make me? This is a bit of an identity crisis. Should I stop referring to myself as if I actually write, or should I force myself to become what I already say that I am? An identity crisis indeed.

Here’s what I’ve decided to do. I’m challenging myself to write everyday. In order to be held accountable, that writing has to appear on my blog, or I’ve failed to meet the challenge. This feat will last for 10 days, unless I decide to keep going after that. During this time I’ll be stepping away from the use of Facebook.

Facebook is a time drain for me. While my intention may just be to check things for a minute, I’ll fine myself still there after an hour, as though I fell into a trap. During that time I could have been doing more important things, like writing. I’ll better dedicate myself to writing by not being distracted by Facebook.

During this period you will still see me post at times, because I often do so from other platforms. It’s safe for me to visit Twitter or Instagram because I don’t get sucked in for so long. Also because I can’t expect to be held accountable if I’m not posting my work to my primary audience, which is on Facebook. Your line of communication to me will be through Twitter.

You’re welcome to join me in the challenge if you have the same struggle as me to get to writing and out of distractions. I’ll be posting the daily challenge on my Twitter account with the hashtag #mjcwritingchallenge. Here we go!