A city on a hill


Matthew 5:14  You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.

What if I won’t want to be a witness for Jesus?  What if I just want to belief in Him and not have to tell others anything?  The reality is, whether you want to be a witness or not, you already are one.  If we had seen a traffic collision take place but tried to tell the police officer that you didn’t want to be a witness, it wouldn’t matter – you already are one.

Even when you choose not to share anything out loud with anyone, the way you live your life is evidence of your faith…or lack of it.  For those who don’t learn about God through church or other intentional means, your life is how they gain knowledge about Him.  Sounds like a lot of responsibility doesn’t it?  But it’s something every Christian is called to.

We’re the light of the world.  We’re the keepers of the secret to lasting joy and hope – but the secret is for everyone.  A shining city on a hill can’t be hidden, and neither can our lives.  What we do and what we say show the world what we think of Jesus and we bear witness everyday.  Let’s let our light shine in a way that draws others to want to know God.