You can’t take it with you

Ecclesiastes 2:12-26

Why do you work so hard to gain things in your life? Don’t you know that you can’t take it with you when you die? One day, everything that you worked so hard for will belong to someone else. How’s that for motivation? Thanks, King Solomon. Now I just want to sit around all day.

No, the point of work shouldn’t be to obtain possessions that won’t last, but there are good reasons to not give up and be a bum. If our hearts and minds are guided by God, we can make a lasting impact on other people. We can point other people to Jesus and we can leave behind a legacy that matters.

Why work for what you can’t keep when God promises treasures in heaven for those who do His work? I can’t even imagine what constitutes treasure in heaven, but I know it’s way better than anything we’ve got here. You can’t keep wind, so stop chasing after it. Seek God, do His work, love His people, and the rewards will surpass anything you can dream up. What’s better, a mansion that put you in debt you’ll never pay off, or a mansion of your own in heaven that you never have to?