We need to grow

Sometimes there are things that I see in very black and white. The sky is blue, ducks say “quack” and a follower of Jesus Christ should be constantly growing to be more like Him. It’s fairly often, though, that I run into people that either 1)have never even considered such a notion, or 2) disagree with me, not explicityly, but show it through their actions. As you read through the Bible, it’s pretty clear that God didn’t just call people to “believe in Him” or to just go to church once a week. That’s not what you see in the Bible at all. You see people who are wholeheartedly following after God as their Lord.

Here’s the thing: When a baby is born, we expect that they will grow bigger physically and that they will mature emotionally, learn new things, and develop eventually into a functioning adult. In the spiritual, we seem to have a different expectation. In John chapter 3, Jesus refers to being “born again,” which is to be born of the spirit, not literal birth a second time. Many, many people will profess to be “born again,” but they either look like non-believers or like baby Christians. Why is it, I wonder, that we would expect a new baby to grow but not a new Christ-follower?

Every child has 4 main things that they need to learn to do, and each has its own spiritual application as well. An infant must learn to eat. When they are a newborn they can only handle milk, but as they get older they must take in other nourishment to keep growing. They must learn to speak, or it will be difficult for their parents and others to distinguish what they need. If a child never learns to walk, something is wrong, but they need the assistance of others. And the last thing a child really needs to learn if he or she is going to be a productive member of society is how to share.  Adults who never learned how to share are not very good friends, spouses, employees, etc.  We all have to learn to eat, speak, walk, and share as human beings.  Likewise, we need to learn how to read the Bible (eat), pray (speak), obey God (walk), and witness for Christ (share).

I’ll be posting about each of these things individually in the coming weeks.  Get out your Bibles, because there will be a lot of Scriptural support for everything that I’m going to point out.  We’ve all got to be growing spiritually, but we also have an obligation to help each other to grow.