Love keeps no record of wrong

1 Corinthians 13:5 …[Love] is not… resentful.

Answer this one question: Does it ever do anyone any good to carry resentment?  If someone has wronged you, and no doubt someone has at some point, it accomplishes very little to keep track of all of the things they’ve done to you.  They certainly don’t benefit from the fact that you’re holding a grudge and there’s no good in it for you either.

Love is so quick to forgive.  True love is incapable of keeping a list of wrongs because past hurts and mistakes have been forgiven, stricken from the record.  That doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily forget what happened, that’s almost impossible, but it means that whatever happened in the past won’t be used against the person who did the hurting.

With love between two people, resentment has no grounds to thrive. When it does dwell in someone’s heart, love has no room and it diminishes.  Both just can’t coexist.  Either you love someone or you resent them and want them to pay for their past actions.  Choose love and everyone will win in the end.