Love is not proud

1 Corinthians 13:4  Love is… not arrogant

How many marriages could be saved if just one partner would apologize?  How many friendships – if only one person would put down their pride and say “I’m sorry”?  Pride is truly the root of so many evils.

Pride and arrogance are the stepping stones to lust, to selfishness, to anger, to contempt.  There’s no room for pride in a loving relationship – pride takes up too much space.  Really loving someone means being willing to admit faults and shortcomings.  Love puts others first, even at the expense of ego or dignity.  Pride just doesn’t fit into the scenario.

A proud person makes decisions based on what will make them look the best.  They’ll take others down to build themselves up and hurt feelings to keep from admitting wrong.  We don’t think we’re being evil when we’re prideful, it seems right, even good, at the time.  You know yourself well enough to know where your pride resides.  Capture it, and act in love.  Be willing to be wrong and admit it.  Be ready to step aside when someone has a better idea.  Respect in love.